Our Story .

NEO HOME, founded in 2003 and located in Ontinyent (a city between Valencia and Alicante), is a Spanish producer of home fabrics for interior decoration.

Corporate Culture
We believe in doing business in a fair manner, having fluent and professional relationships with our customers, who we consider as partners we like to work with hand in hand, always seeking for exciting goals.

We are transparent, loyal and reliable people, and we daily experience that, by doing what we say and by saying what we do, things can really run smoothly and customers remain satisfied.

Neo Home reinvests its profits because the best results can only be achieved by using the best resources.

Products: Amazing Diversity

We offer an amazing diversity of home deco fabrics, including an awe-inspiring variety of prints (rotary and digital), plains, weaves, velvets and metallic foil prints. Thanks to this,  Neo Home can always be relied upon to come up with fascinating new ideas for home interiors; new ideas for everywhere, from living areas and dining rooms to hallways, kitchens or bedrooms, and, best of all, suitable for all ages and styles.

It does not matter if you are rather young or maybe something older, if your taste is classic, modern or eclectic; surely, among the products of Neo Home, you will find something that fits like a fish in the water at the heart of your home!

These qualities are offered to our customers both in rolls as well as in many different kinds of confectioned products, like ready made curtains, panels, cushions, table cloth or bed linen. Also a huge variety of finishing are available, as water repellent, acrylic coating or flame retardant.

Service, our DNA

Our company has a customer-oriented service, and our main concern is always to solve our customer needs. Flexibility allows us to customize what we do for our customers, looking for the most suitable solution case by case. Service is in our DNA, and we are glad to offer our clients an exceptional level of assistance.
We are creative in seeing where others fail to see. It is possible for us to recognise the needs and requirements of every single client and to implement them in a professional manner.

Every client is unique and requires individual advice and support. It is especially important to us to have personal and direct contact with our clients. Our staff is available at any time to help clients with their expert knowledge and advice.

The need to adapt quickly to changes is increasing constantly. For this reason, we place a huge amount of value on the continuous optimisation of our internal processes. In this way, we have developed a production system, specially customised to suit our needs, which allows us to keep the processing time of client orders at a constantly low level, even during seasonal peak periods, guaranteeing really fast deliveries. We are also able to give our clients the information they request regarding products, status of existing orders and other information relating to after-sales service, quickly and efficiently.

Design: “The jewel in the Crown”

All our designs are created internally by our Design Department. Consequently, we offer our customers a unique collection, only available at Neo Home, and we aim to create a modern and vibrant atmosphere. Four times a year we launch a new collection, specially developed and coloured according to the latest interior deco and fashion trends.

We can also win over our clients with the continuous supply of seasonal, changing collections for our market. We are continuously working on the development of colours, qualities and designs, always trying to offer a collection “one step ahead”, fresh, imaginative, inspiring and exciting.

We manage to achieve this extraordinary product range thanks to the support of our staff in the Design Department, who frequently collaborates hand in hand with leading Design Studios, in order to be sure we create our own designs with a huge variety of inspiration and creativity.

We are able to implement this design process with the help of the latest available technology. We always keep an eye out for latest scoop regarding technological developments, constantly seeking to improve.

Customer Own Designs: A win/win opportunity

Also we are very used to developing customer’s own designs as well as full customer’s own collections. Our design team is extremely receptive to new ideas, so we feel more than happy adapting and modifying qualities, designs and colours according to the customer wishes. Our main motto is always “be flexible”. We are able to realise our client’s ideas quickly and right from our own premises. There is a constant demand for new developments and trends, and we strongly try to reach it.

Following this, the computer-created designs are immediately transferred to the selected material, by using inkjet printing, when dealing with prints, or by weaving at our jacquard looms, when dealing with jacquard fabrics. This means that, even during the sample stage, we are able to present our clients with the finished design and desired material quality.

We are really sensitive in our interpretation of our clients tastes. So if you’re stuck for inspiration, just scroll on to see how dreams can come to life!

Quality: Mandatory Target

We guarantee a remarkable level of quality at an affordable price. We place great significance on the continuous optimisation of every single process within our company. In order to achieve this, we have an active influence on the fields of development, manufacturing and supply so that we can safeguard the desired product quality in our range of goods.

All materials are analysed in our in-house laboratory, testing the specific characteristics of the material in terms of product quality. Likewise, we reduce the potential for error within our production processes by regularly checking our own inspection machines.

Only when being sure that design, service and quality are fully guaranteed and offered at fair prices, we can expect to achieve our customer’s loyalty. And, in this way, we can proudly affirm that 90% of those customers who purchased at first time at Neo during our very first year of history, keep still being our customers and, most of the cases, they became into friends.

Eco Green Articles: we are committed to the environment

Within many years we have been dealing with recycled yarns at our weaving processes. However, it is a fact that lately, the social commitment to respect the environment is becoming more and more strongly, and Neo Home really and voluntarily would like to take part of it.

At this respect, we have developed several fabrics, both plain weaves and jacquards, woven by using GRS certified cotton and polyester yarns («Global Recycled Standard»). Also we are more and more weaving different qualities using organic cotton yarns (GOTS: “Global Organic textile Standard”) as well as BCI yarns (“Better Cotton Initiative”).

Recycling cotton reduces the area of cultivated land, with the consequent saving of water, energy and use of pesticides and chemicals, so CO2 emissions are reduced. Recycled polyester uses 70% less petroleum than virgin polyester, consumes less energy and emits less pollution gases during its production.

These recycled cotton and polyester yarns look 99% the same as standard yarns, but by using them, we guarantee a sustainable production process. Day after day, more and more customers are showing interest in these kinds of products, which are produced without the use of substances which are harmful to health and respectful to the environment.




If you have not yet met us in person, we would like to invite you to come and make your own impression of Neo Home. Our site location in Ontinyent, a city rich in textile-making history, will clearly show you the possibilities and creativity we can offer you. Find out for yourself. We look forward to welcoming you.

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